After Montecatini Terme, where everything started, followed by Florence and Pietrasanta, we are thrilled to announce the opening of our fifth Fishing Lab, in the majestic Verona!

A few steps away from the Arena of Verona and the Adige river, between streets full of art and history, there’s a small alley where you can find an historical Scaliger palace: it’s a new home for Fishing Lab. Here, the main characters are the raw food station, in which raw fish is prepared right in front of the customer’s eyes, and the atmosphere which remembers the sea, with hawsers telling stories from the sea and frescoes from ancient times.

Just like the first Fishing Lab, which came to life in the legendary premises of the Sanfrancisco restaurant, in Montecatini Terme, followed by the “careless museum” in Fishing Lab alle Murate, in Florence, and our hymn to imperfection in Pietrasanta, where we rebuilt from ground up an old workshop, our home in Verona will combine history, culture, sea feelings and simplicity, resulting in a place we can’t wait to show you.

We are very close to the opening, dear friends, Stay Tuna!

Kitchen opening times: COMING SOON

Contact info: COMING SOON