FISHING LAB Alle Murate is the outcome of months of research which has culminated in a unique location: the palazzo which hosted the judges and notaries guild from the 13th to the mid-16th centuries.
Its special feature comes from the fact that today this place is a museum, recently in the news for the publication of a volume on its fine fresco cycle including the oldest known portrait of Dante Alighieri and above all the fact that the poet is not depicted with his usual aquiline nose and frown.
And that’s not all: from the Middle Ages we then descend to the archaeological excavations in the lower ground floor in which 1st century Florentia Romana, and specifically the wool dyeing room, were unearthed.

Our choice fell consciously on a single place which we opted to breathe new life into with the intention of making it accessible to all.

This has been made possible thanks to public opening times spanning the whole day. Our love of historical buildings and the unusual features of the location required significant renovation work which has not turned the building’s history on its head, work which has carefully conserved its history and enhanced the art work present.

In the midst of the excavations tables will be put up for lunch, dinner or just a pre-dinner drink creating a contrast between the elegant severity of the place and the delicate aromas of our dishes, an informal atmosphere in one of the most beautiful and important settings in Florence. And if it is something important you’re looking for, don’t forget to ask staff to take you to visit the private cellars!

The vitality of our approach to hospitality transforms FISHING LAB Alle Murate into a ‘carefree’ museum.

Open every day

From Monday to Friday: 12 pm – 2.30 pm / 6 pm – 11 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Via del Proconsolo 16R
50122 Firenze

Phone: +39 055 240618