Our cuisine concept is as innovative as it is straightforward. No need for labels such as starters, mains, side dishes. Clients make up their own menus as they wish.
With the right advice from waiters and waitresses, each guest orders his or her own favourite dishes and can taste others, savouring multiple tastes and flavours.
The cost is never high, quantities always reasonable.

A variety of raw fish, displayed clearly on our fish counter: giant red shrimps, scampi, shrimps, tartare swordfish, umbrine, tuna, salmon and also wild concave oysters and Belòn du Belòn. You choose what you want, prices per item are clearly visible, no surprises await.

Fish and shellfish cooked in the wood oven, grilled or smoked in a walnut leaf.
These are our ‘special cooking methods’ with which we seek to offer you unusual, tasty dishes, pleasant alternatives to classic cooking methods.

Our street food, informal by nature, re-visited in accordance with our vision. Here you’ll find Fish and chicks, innovative gurnard filets in chickpea breading, tuna buns, sea eel rolls and lots more.
Every dish can be ordered as a full or half portion and is always available, as a pre-dinner snack or as a taster during dinner.

Our kitchen offers the classic Italian starter-pasta and rice-main formula for those who like the traditional way of doing things. ‘Alla marinara’ versions of typical Tuscan dishes such as fettunta with octopus and black cabbage, our take on trabaccolana, and classic all’isolana and salt cooked dishes.
Lastly, the menu is finished off with a small selection of dishes for non-fish lovers.

Fishing lab combines the traditions of its local area perfectly: at the end of a meal guests can order and try out the desserts they love most thanks to our partnership with the best known pastry shops in the area. After a journey through uncharted seas, what could be sweeter than a taste of home?

The original wine list was studied to match every item on the menu. Almost every label is available for single glasses too. Furthermore, every Fishing Lab restaurant builds a good relationship with a company that produces craft beers which go perfectly with the fish.